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Our Commitment

  1. We will put you and your interests first. We only succeed by helping you succeed.
  2. We will leverage all the resources of ICM and our strategic partners to help you pursue your goals.
  3. We are committed to understanding you, your values and your personal and financial goals.
  4. We will help you understand your investment and planning choices.
  5. We will help you set realistic expectations about your goals and associated risk of your investment choices.
  6. If you have an issue or concern, we will make it a priority to address it.
  7. We will be available and accessible for you.
  8. We will provide timely account and transactional information that accurately reflects your investment positions.
  9. We will disclose information related to the way we are paid by you as a client, including any fees or commissions associated with your accounts.
  10. We will work with integrity and honesty to build and justify your trust.